Mass Effect 2 Trailer: 'Why I Fight,' by Psychopathic Tattooed Ex-Cultist Subject Zero

By Chris Faylor, Jan 11, 2010 10:15am PST Everyone's favorite former gangbanger returns in this new Mass Effect 2 trailer, as Subject Zero joins the ranks of Miranda, Grunt and Thane in discussing why, exactly, she's fighting to save the galaxy alongside series protagonist Shepard.

Of course, the ex-cultist isn't one to mince words. After all, she's the mostly topless lass known for "if this is about sex, maybe you should just [censored] say so."

And should you want to "just [censored] say so," you'll have your chance quite soon, as BioWare's sci-fi action-RPG hits PC and Xbox 360 on January 26, 2010.

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  • Are the developers running wild with no brass to yank on the leash? Or are the brass pushing the tasteful and reluctant developers into this ludicrous marketing campaign with crap dialogue and voice acting?

    I enjoyed ME1 -- except for the randomized planetary missions: can you say "console busy work"? -- and kept my savegame with the intent of carrying over to ME2; I still intend to buy ME2 and play it through, but every time one of these goofy "reality show" trailers comes out, or they showcase the gun-wielding Suicide Girl, I lose a little more interest in the game.

    Mass Effect 1 and its marketing campaign gave off a Babylon 5 vibe: your $50 bought you a ticket to a really big show--galactic in size.

    This isthe vibe I get from Mass Effect 2 thus far: "Oh."