Sony Talks PlayStation 3 3D Update, Requirements

With Sony planning to update the PlayStation 3 to better support 3D visuals, the PlayStation.Blog caught up with Sony hardware marketing director John Koller during this year's 3D-obsessed Consumer Electronics Show to get a few more details.


Out of the box, the PS3 is great, because as many people know who are watching this, you don't need to do anything with your PS3. It's gonna take just a simple firmware update--most people do those firmware updates regularly--that's all it's going to take to acclimate [any] PS3 to 3D gaming.

You will need a 3D TV and glasses, but to...have that kind of complete experience with the PS3, it's just a simple firmware update.

3D Games
[3D versions of Super Stardust HD and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue] aren't confirmed, those are just demos [being shown at CES].

We are going to announce a [3D game] lineup soon. The first and third-party lineup is going to be substantial, it's a pretty robust list of games...new IP, new franchises but also existing franchises [that] really kind of place the player in the game.

3D Movies

Movies will require a separate firmware update, that'll be...later in the year.
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