Capcom CES Impressions: Super Street Fighter 4, Dark Void Zero, Mega Man 10 and MotoGP

BOOM widget 90330Super Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter raked in the awards this past year and in classic fashion Capcom plans to bring it back this year with a Super version. Not a whole new game but not an update to SF4 either, Super adds more online modes, stages, and adds ten more characters, including two new ones. Here at CES they let me play the first of these to be revealed, Juri. She's the first Korean character to the series and the first to use the Tae Kwon Do fighting style.

From the short time I spent playing her she seemed well equipped to hold her own. She throws a versatile fireball that can be targeted to low, mid, or high range depending on which kick is used to launch it. The fireball can also be held and then released when it works best timing-wise. She also packs a wicked forward spinning kick that works well for keeping opponents at bay. They're still not ready to reveal the "special price" but I'm going to guess $39.99 isn't out of the question.

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I'll give it Capcom--this is a clever twist. With so many of their games having classic roots they figured Dark Void needed a history. So they made one up including a "return" of the original 8-bit game on DSiWare. The story goes that back in the 80's a young James Fallon won a contest and got to create the game. Yes, they mean that Jimmy Fallon and though they wouldn't give me any details expect to see Dark Void on his show sometime next week.

Back to the game, from the part I played it absolutely nails the classic feel. It uses an easy to pick up two button system with one to jump or fire the jet pack and the other to fire. In no time I got sucked in and was flying around levels, blasting enemies, and trying not to fall to my death. An exact release date hasn't been set but the game is in to Nintendo for certification and should be out pretty close around the time Dark Void hits PC, 360, and PS3. And if you don't have a DSi, versions for PC and iPhone are almost complete and should be available in the next month or so. There's also a chance that the game could come to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

BOOM widget 90287Mega Man 10

Mega Man 10 is the real deal return of a classic. It pays tribute to its 8-bit heritage that I felt like I was playing an NES with a 360 controller checking it out. The sports-themed area I got to play featured robotic pitchers hurling baseballs at me to dodge or shoot out of my way. There were also some solid timing sections such as a row of baseball rockets that had to be shot in sequence to get them to liftoff and clear the path. I expect fans will be thrilled when they get their hands on it in March.

BOOM widget 90795 MotoGP 09/10

Much as I love car racing I've never been equally bitten by the two-wheeled version. Fans will be happy to hear that several members of the team that worked on the series at Climax have come over to work on this latest version of the game. I took a few laps on the track and was reminded how much motorcycle racing requires really getting into the groove of slicing the corners. But from what I played it was running well. The odd numbering system of 09/10 refers to the game coming with the full 09 season data on the disk and then offering free downloadable updates as this year's season progresses. They've also added team management to the career mode. I'm not sure I want to deal with hiring PR people, engineers, and the rest but it did look well implemented in the game.