Left 4 Dead 8-Bit De-Make Spreads Retro Zombie Fun

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 05, 2010 2:46pm PST Fans of the original Left 4 Dead cast eager to be reunited with them for more new adventures in L4D2's The Passing can now punctuate their wait with Eric Ruth's retro de-make Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead, available in a 21MB download from FileShack.

Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead packs 8-bit versions of the original survivors, weapons and campaigns complete with support for two-player local co-op, which Ruth explains is entirely authentic as "Back in 1986, games were generally 2 player... not 4."

Valve games are often inspiration for de-makes, with others including ASCIIpOrtal and Gang Garrison 2. Thanks to Shacker ahem 'freakynipples69' for the heads-up.

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