Left 4 Dead 2's Midnight Riders Reveal Christmas Wishes with Long Lost Holiday Song

Though the Midnight Riders didn't hit the big time until their explosive debut in Left 4 Dead 2 circa November 2009, the fictional quartet's YouTube Channel has been updated with an overlooked 1998 single, titled "All I Want For Christmas (is to Kick Your Ass)."

As can be surmised from its title, the festive jingle isn't exactly safe for work. BOOM video 3224

As for the history behind the tune, the legendary rockers explain:

In 1987, the Midnight Riders were asked to participate in a children's charity Christmas album with their rock peers. The Riders refused. In a 1993 Guitar God Magazine article, Dusty explained: "Givin' kids charity just makes 'em weak, man. Teach a kid to fish, he can eat fish his whole life. Teach a kid NOT to fish, he starves to death. Where I come from that's murder, Homes." A few years later, the Riders grudgingly agreed to participate in a 1998 Christmas album in exchange for not having to do 30,000 hours of community service. "All I Want For Christmas is to Kick Your Ass" was written, recorded and mailed in less than one hour.

The seasonal wishes come on top of Left 4 Dead 2's recently released mod tools and support, with developer Valve planning to unleash a new downloadable campaign, which just so happens to feature the original Left 4 Dead crew, in the new year.