The Eye of Judgment Legends Announced for PSP

The official PlayStation blog has just announced that The Eye of Judgment Legends, a new chapter in Sony Computer Entertainment's digital card-based strategy game, will be released for the PSP this Spring.

Much like The Eye of Judgment released for the PlayStation 3 earlier this year, the downloadable Eye of Judgment Legends "combines card trading, magic and adventure," but also gives players the added freedom to "collect, trade and battle magical creatures on the move," thanks to the portability of the PSP.


Players can choose from a library of over 300 different virtual trading cards, thirty of which are brand new to the series. However, "Legends" no longer requires that player to use the PlayStation Eye peripheral or physical trading cards. Instead, the virtual battle cards can be traded wirelessly from on PSP to another or purchased as DLC from the PlayStation Store. You can also obtain new cards by defeating other players in online matches.

The Eye of Judgment Legends is scheduled for release in Spring of 2010.