Details and Trailer for Trials HD DLC Add-on 'Big Pack'

Trials HD gets a big injection of new content next week with the release of the 'Big Pack' DLC on Dec. 23. For your 400 Microsoft Points you get:
  • 35 brand new Trials HD tracks, with a special focus on medium and hard tracks, the difficulty levels most requested by players -- the sweet-spot of track difficulty:
  • 23 racing tracks: 12 medium, 9 hard and 2 extreme -- most with new physics objects providing Trials rides never experienced before
  • 12 skill game tracks
  • Five new tournaments including all the new tracks -More than 50 new crazy physics objects: Car, rocket turbine, gravity field, wind, motor and many others! These objects will also be available on the level editor for users to utilize in creating their own tracks.
  • Three new fun Achievements worth 50 Gamerscore
Even if you pass on the DLC developer RedLynx has a free title update coming as well that simplifies the Ultimate Endurance tournament, improves the Down theStairs game, fixes corrupted leaderboards, patches a number of minor bugs, and doubles the amount of tracks you can save to your hard drive or memory card.

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