16th EverQuest Expansion Launches at $40

By Chris Faylor, Dec 15, 2009 4:09pm PST After more than a decade in operation, the online realm of EverQuest is still kicking, with Sony Online Entertainment today releasing the MMORPG's sixteenth expansion.

Described by Sony as an "unparalleled" expansion for the franchise, the Underfoot add-on sells for $39.99 on the game's official site and other digital distribution outlets, packing all the content of the previous fifteen expansions plus new areas, items, abilities and the like, along with a new achievement system, an "extended target window," and master tradeskilling.

"Celebrating a decade of EverQuest throughout this year has reinvigorated our community and development team alike, and that passion is clearly on display with the latest expansion," boasted producer Thom Terrazas. "Underfoot presents a world unlike anything you've experienced in Norrath, providing a deep and fun experience."

In addition, any player "with an active, paid subscription in good standing" will gain free access to EQPlayers.com beginning December 17, with Sony claiming that the move is meant to "further demonstrate SOE's commitment to its player community."

For a breakdown of what's included in Underfoot, here's the fact sheet:

About EverQuest Underfoot:

New Content: New areas for adventurers to explore including Brell's Rest, Pellucid Grotto, The Underquarry, Brell's Arena, The Foundation, The Cooling Chamber, Arthicrex, Lichen Creep, Kernagir the Shining City, Fungal Forest, Volska's Husk, and Brell's Temple. Players can travel into Underfoot solo, with a group, or in raids to complete new quests, tasks, and events to acquire new items, spells, tradeskill recipes, and abilities.

New Achievement System: Users can display and manage their progress through the world of Norrath. The achievement system allows players to track various categories of their advancement such as levels, Alternate Advancements, quest completions, and other progression tracking events. At the launch of Underfoot, players can track their General, Tradeskill and Underfoot progression Achievements.

Extended Target Window: Players can now track friends and foes with greater accuracy. The target window now lets players assign people or group roles to specific locations on the window for easy re-targeting. Users can track main tank, raid tanks, main target, main assist, puller, etc., or just put a specific player or NPC in the window.

Master Tradeskilling: Tradeskillers can create powerful new weapons, armor, food and drink items, poisons and more.

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  • To the idiot that says "why would anyone buy a game with that many expansions"..um all theexpansions are included with the new expansion. Buy Underfoot, you get everythign elsewith it, unlike other games of the genre and years past in EQ. Graphics arent everythign, but to those of us that dont spent 10 horus a day watching cartoons (WoW) Everquest doesnt have a graphics issue. Realistic character models vs. cartoony ones win over for me any day. There's a reason why the average age of EQ players is considerably higherthan the average age of WoW players, and it's not because it came out 5 years earlier, it's because it's a much more deeply involved game, with a lot more thought required to be successful at it, and more maturity and patience. EQ players that go try the "darkside" (WoW) are frequently finished with everything there is to do in a very short period of time, andcome back to EQ to say..you were right, it's boring, way too easy, and geared towards idiots and children. The reason the expansions come out as fast as they do, is that there are still a lot of enthusiasts that play literally 8 hours or more on a daily basis, and 6 months after an expansion comes out, they've finished everything there is to do outside of finishing up their set of end-game raid gear (and on some servers they'vedone all of taht in half that time) The casual player-less time or non-raiding, is thereason SOE takes as longas they do to release expansions. I must say however, that despite the literally endless game experience in EQ, this expansion leapt a bit too far forward of the curve previously set by other expansions and WILL turn a great deal of casual and group players off due to the large leap in group difficulty past those that "completed" the group set of gear and aa's in theprevious expansion, while continuing to keep the raiders enthralled as they can still be challenged in teh group setting, farm for themselves actual upgrades from some of their tower gear, while still looking forward to the set of raid gear offered in the expansion as well.