Metacritic Publishes First Annual Game Platform Power Rankings

Review aggregator Metacritic has released it's first annual Game Platform Power Rankings revealing the 10 top-reviewed games of 2009. The data also compares how well each console's crop of games was received relative to its competitors.

According to Metacritic, the Xbox 360 boasts the most positively-reviewed games this year with 88. The PlayStation 3, though, took the honors for the best "overall game quality of the year," including 5 of the top 10 highest scoring games overall. The Wii was home to a staggering 362 new games in 2009 but had a rough year in terms of quality. Critics liked just 28% of the games released on Nintendo's console. On the flip-side, the percentage of "bad" releases was lowest on the PS3 and PSP at only 7% for each of Sony's platforms.

On an interesting side-note the time-bending platformer Braid was the only game in Metacritic's list of the top 10 best-reviewed games (on any platform) that was not a sequel or remake. Three PS3 exclusives made the list as well including Uncharted 2 in the top spot; however, the Xbox 360's only platform-exclusive title to make the list was Forza 3, in 10th place.

Only time will tell if the trends will hold true in 2010, the first few months of which promises to be very competitive due to a significant number of AAA title releases having been pushed into the new year.