Resident Evil 5 DLC Trailers Show Revealing Red Riding Hood, Post-Apocalyptic Warrior Outfits

Capcom has released a pair of new Resident Evil 5 trailers showing off two new costumes arriving as part of the upcoming PS3 and 360 downloadable content packs.

Sheva's trampy 'folkore' getup and Chris's 'warrior' outfit sport "their own unique weapon load-outs" in the revamped 'The Mercenaries Reunion' mode included with any of the campaign chapter or costume pack DLCs, the first of which are due on February 17.

All DLC will be bundled into the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition which will hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 9 at $50. Capcom has said it has "no plans for PC at this point."

BOOM video 3114

A look at the leather-clad Chris in his 'warrior' getup follows below.

BOOM video 3115