Rumor: Large-Scale Layoffs at Aspyr Media

Industry-news site Big Download reported a rumor that publisher Aspyr Media laid-off a large portion of its workforce "a couple of weeks ago."

Big Download cites "unnamed but reliable sources," one of whom estimates that "over 50 percent of the workers were let go with only a handful of team members now remaining in the offices." The anonymous sources didn't mention whether or not certain teams were hit harder than others.

These layoffs have yet to be officially confirmed but when we attempted to reach our PR contact at Aspyr for comment, our email bounced. Never a good sign. Another industry source who asked to remain anonymous did corroborate the Big Download story with the explanation that it comes in advance of restructuring at Aspyr

Aspyr, based in Austin, Texas, initially began developing games for Mac but increased its scope over the past few years to include games for PC and consoles. Just recently, they published 'Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Edition' for PC, as well as the Steam-exclusive download, 'Dreamkiller.'