World of Warcraft Patch Gets Epic Trailer

By Chris Faylor, Dec 09, 2009 12:20pm PST Yesterday's epic World of Warcraft v3.3 patch "Fall of the Lich King" has now received a suitable epic trailer, setting up the titular fall with a promise that "the lights of justice have been awakened" and "the sins of the past have finally caught up with you."

Packing new dungeons, the cross-realm party finder and the usual assortment of tweaks and bug fixes, the latest update for Blizzard's five-year-old MMO is now available on FileShack in US/Aus, UK, French and German form.

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  • Pretty cool but the reality of me going back to experience this also slaps me on the head. I'd have to either find a guild and beg them to gear me for it, or try and convince a ton of retards to take me on pick ups even though I don't meet their gear score requirements. Mean while said Rogue in the group has no idea how to spec his class but has the gear score "so it's ok". Then once I get geared up for it, I'd have to do it all over again. I'll pass.

    I think once a really awesome video is done by a guild clearing the place it should be news worthy.