Perfect Dark XBLA Coming Next Year, Revamped Heroine, Lensflares Revealed

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 09, 2009 11:00am PST Original Perfect Dark developer Rare has revealed that the Xbox Live Arcade port by 4J Studio of its N64 shooter will hit in early 2010 and released several new screenshots.

"Can now confirm early 2010 release which is still 'winter', stop moaning," reads a post on Rare's Twitter, which also delivers another comparison of the Xbox 360 and Nintendo 64 versions as well as a look at heroine Joanna Dark's XBLA makeover.

Running in 1080p at a reported 60fps, the port by Banjo Kazooie XBLA veterans 4J Studios also boasts online multiplayer and, naturally, achievements.

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  • Very excited for this. I distinctly remember in 8th grade waiting for the release date for the original Perfect Dark. I don't care what people say, but Perfect Dark was superior to Goldeneye because it was a sequel in terms of the style and gameplay. That doesn't mean I didn't absolutely love Goldeneye when it was around, however. Also the multiplayer was fantastic and a huge upgrade from Goldeneye, not to mention the AI in it were brutal. Die-hard fans will remember Perfect Dark actually had the original Goldeneye guns as a cheat if you completed a speed run on one of the levels.