Savage Cycles Building Resident Evil Motorcycles

By Jeff Mattas, Dec 04, 2009 3:30pm PST In one of the most simultaneously bizarre and awesome licensing deals ever, Capcom has teamed up with custom motorcycle outfit Savage Cycles and production company Hollywood, Inc. to build a limited number of licensed Resident Evil-themed choppers.

According to the Capcom-Unity Blog, the impulse was to create a bike that would be "...a post-apocalyptic zombie murdering machine, just the sort of thing a heavily-armed member of STARS would jump onto and blast into the middle of a runaway zombie crisis," and to achieve the "ultimate fusion of survival horror and outlaw bike."

Although the price for one of these bad-boys has yet to be revealed, the first of these limited edition custom-built motorcycles will be available in early January - much to the chagrin of undead pedestrians everywhere.

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  • Uhhh, clearly none of you know anything about Savage Cycles or their awesome bikes. I have been to the showroom and have ridden their choppers. I have also seen this particular bike and the fabrication is outstanding. Oh by the way, they fabricate all of their frames, etc. Jeremy is a welder by trade and is well known for his abilities. Those of you who have absolutely no knowledge of what it takes to build this type of bike will be able to understand just a bit if you get to see this bike first-hand. Really, you should do a bit of research before commenting on low profile tires, suspension problems, etc, unless you are in the know!