Homefront Sequel, DLC Planning Underway

Homefront publisher THQ is already planning a sequel to Kaos' shooter as well as downloadable content continuing the plot--before the original even has a release date.

The game--scripted by Red Dawn creator John Milius--will only tell part of a larger tale of North Korea's near-future invasion of the USA, THQ Core Games executive VP Danny Bilson said in an investor presentation attended by GameSpot, which will be expanded through an online promotional campaign and downloadable content.


"This is about a guy moving some fuel," said Bilson. "That's what the single-player is about, to restart some vehicles and retake the Golden Gate Bridge. It's the beginning of a story. We're going to tell this like a serial, with cliff-hangers. And then we intend to continue the story in [downloadable content], until we go to Homefront 2."

"People say, 'Why are you going into this Call of Duty space?' And it's because I know we can compete," he enthused. I know we can compete."

Homefront will hit PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 when it arrives at a time yet unknown.

THQ revealed in April that a sequel was already pencilled into the calendar for Vigil Games Darksiders, a full nine months ahead of the post-Apocalyptic action adventure's upcoming January 5 release for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

For a quick blast of red-bashing, check out this trailer released several months back.

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