PlayStation Store Update Brings Call of Duty Classic, Demos, DLC and a Sackboy Assassin

By Chris Faylor, Dec 04, 2009 9:50am PST The weekly update to the North American PlayStation Store has arrived, delivering a wealth of digital goods to PlayStation 3 and PSP, including some freebies.

Said freebies include PlayStation 3 demos for Bayonetta and Fairytale Fights, along with a Santa outfit for owners of LittleBigPlanet. Should you be interested in more LBP costumes, Sackpeople can now dress like Assassin's Creed II's Ezio for $2.

New downloadable games include Call of Duty: Classic ($14.99) for PS3 plus PSone classics Resident Evil 3 and Command & Conquer: Red Alert Retaliation, both of which are priced at $5.99 and playable on PS3 or PSP. Three new PSP games also arrived: Beta Bloc ($2.99), Super Pocket Tennis ($4.99), MX vs. ATV Reflex ($29.99).

Meanwhile, the downloadable content front brings with it premium-priced add-ons for Rock Band, Guitar Hero 5, Fight Night Round 4, Operation Flashpoint, BUZZ!: Quiz TV and BUZZ!: Quiz World, and a free Tekken 6 Cardboard Tube Samurai outfit. There's also a new issue of online video magazine Qore at $2.99, should you be interested.

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  • Ran through the Bayonetta demo more than a few times last night. The presentation is excellent, the combat is fun and there looks to be tons of room for creativity and invention with the combo system (once I've got my head around it). Not to mention the other abilities/weapons etc. that can't be sampled in the demo.

    But the perfect review scores still have me baffled. Can the story - and all other aspects of the game that can't be properly judged from the demo alone - really be that good?! I can't wait to find out anyway.