Star Trek Online Collector's Edition Beams Down Metal Communicator Badge

A Collector's Edition of Star Trek Online brings such goodies as in-game items and a metal replica communicator badge, Big Download noticed GameStop revealed.

Packed into a holograph-bearing case with a brushed aluminium finish are a 40-page hardbound art book, manual and disc case combo, three guest passes for ten-day trials and a "high quality cast metal" replica of the MMO's communicator badge.


The Collector's Edition also offers in-game Starfleet uniforms styled after those worn in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, plus a 'Red Matter Capacitor' to deliver an extra jolt of ship energy when you otherwise just cannae do it.

Cryptic Studios' boldly-going MMO warps in for PC on February 12. A closed beta is currently in progress while an open beta is slated to commence on January 12.