'Sonic Classic Collection' Rolls onto Nintendo DS in 2010

SEGA announced a collection of classic Sonic games today for the Nintendo DS coming in "early" 2010. The 'Sonic Classic Collection' will include the first three self-titled games in the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series as well as the fourth game, 'Sonic and Knuckles.' The collection will also sport a "new save feature" and a video that supposedly gives players an "in-depth look at the speedy hedgehog."


Some of Sonic's classic high-speed adventures made their way to Xbox Live Arcade and the Wii's Virtual Console not long ago, and the 'Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection' also hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 earlier this year. Many would argue that the earliest games in the Sonic canon are the best in the series by a country mile.

It's probably not a coincidence that these versions precede Sonic's next full-fledged 2D adventure, codenamed 'Project Needlemouse', which comes out sometime in 2010 on undisclosed platforms.