Unreal Dev Kit Tutorial Videos Teach the Ropes

A colossal 171-video series of Unreal Development Kit tutorials is now available on FileShack, teaching everything from the user interface and creating a simple level to making your own top-down game in Epic's free standalone edition of Unreal Engine 3.

All but one are by 3D Buzz, the folks behind the 'Mastering Unreal Technology' books and the tutorial videos included with the Special Edition of Unreal Tournament 2004.


An asset pack is on hand so you can follow along with the tutorials, and don't forget to pick up the latest version of the Unreal Development Kit if you haven't already.

The UDK offers the Unreal Engine 3 development toolkit--minus engine source code, of course--completely free for noncommercial and educational use, with commercial licenses beginning at a mere $99 followed by a 25% royalty on all revenue over $5,000.

Several mods have already received free UDK-powered standalone releases.