Fight Night Round 4 DLC Screenshots Star Spittle, December Gameplay Patch Detailed

Evander Holyfield, Sonny Liston and Bernard Hopkins star in the latest batch of Fight Night Round 4 screenshots, meant to promote the new downloadable content pack coming to EA Canada's PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 boxer in early December. nope

Priced at $10 / 800 Microsoft Points, the add-on delivers the three boxers listed above along with two new gamplay modes: Old School Rules and Ring Rivalries.

In addition, December will also bring a free gameplay patch that includes:

    Game Play Updates
    • Adjusted the locomotion speed at close proximity so that your opponent can no longer trap you with glued feet
    • Increased the stamina cost when continually punching
    • Increased stamina loss when continually weaving
    • Increased stamina loss for users that spam upper body movement
    • Can no longer perform a perfect block when spamming the block
    • Increased the stamina cost when continually running away from your opponent
    • No illegal blows can be thrown by either user when one user is in a stun state
    • Increased stamina cost of Haymakers
    • Tuned punch accuracy when opponents are moving their head
    • Reduced locomotion speed when throwing punch combos
    Create Player Updates
    • Allow users to duplicate and edit ratings of licensed boxers
    Online World Championship Updates
    • Improved cheat detection logic
    General Updates
    • Various Bug fixes