2D Beat-em-Up, 'Revenge of the Wounded Dragons' Seeks Vengeance via PSN Tomorrow

Update: Sony has updated its post with the note that RotWD has been "temporarily delayed," with a new launch date to be announced "once it becomes available."

Artificial Mind & Movement's Wanako studio has announced that its 2D Kung-Fuelled beat-em-up, 'Revenge of the Wounded Dragons,' hits the PSN for download tomorrow.


"In far away China," the trailer begins, "a happy family will suffer the inevitable..." In this case, inevitability comes in the form of a mafia Boss kidnapping your sister and killing your grandfather. Hungry for some payback, it's a good thing that grandpa trained you in the ancient art of Kung-Fu.

BOOM video 3002

According to the announcement on the official PlayStation Blog, 'Revenge' is all about old-school arcade action. Would-be pugilists can expect "tons of enemies, loads of melees and fire weapons, challenging bosses, power ups, dragon rage, mini-games to let you breathe between chapters, finishing moves and much more." 'Revenge' also supports local multiplayer, including cooperative play for the main story and 10 competitive mini-games to play between chapters.

'Revenge of the Wounded Dragons' is priced at $9.99, and will be available for download tomorrow via the PlayStation Network.