Watch the New Dark Void Trailer, 'The Watchers'

'The Watchers,' a new trailer for Capcom's upcoming title Dark Void, jet-packs in a healthy dose of antagonist-driven action featuring an ancient alien race called - you guessed it - The Watchers.

What they're watching, we're not entirely sure; however, we do know that they're armed with advanced technology and lethal firepower, on top of being kind of creepy looking. It's also worth mentioning that they seek to enslave the human race. Apparently, being banished to a parallel world called 'The Void' makes evil aliens cranky.

Dark Void is expected to release on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in North America on January 19th, and in Europe on January 22nd. As reported yesterday, Brad Pitt's production company 'Plan B' recently acquired the movie rights for the game.

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