Evening Reading: Learned in Canada

Running down and still have some thoughts on ModNation Racers to get ready for in the morning. So it's a brief ER tonight. All I have to regale you with are a few random thoughts from my Canadian adventure: Tim Horton's coffee is good because it tastes like coffee. No matter how cold it is outside, having a hotel room that's burning up from a stuck heater is not cool. Alberta steak is really tasty. And man United Front Games has an amazingly awesome studio space.

Here's the rest of today's knowledge:

Haven't had time to catch a whole lot else but some things you just can't miss. Like, think you've seen some good Black Friday deals? Well, how about tax-free guns in South Carolina? UPDATE: Okay, so that was a link to last year's. They're doing it again this year.

If that doesn't put you in the Christmas spirit how about lending some Alaskans a hand. They're trying to save the free holiday letter service that answers letters addressed to Santa Claus, North Poll.

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