Morning Discussion

Tonight I'll be making a return visit to The Endless Forest, as Tale of Tales have released a new version with a swanky new magical pond. I stop by a few times a year to frolic and see what's going on, and am always surprised to find an active group of deer hoofing it around. My visits are only brief because it never quite grabs me but I like the idea of it all--no text, no objectives, simply a forest, a few playthings and players. It's emergent play of sorts, with more of a focus on communication.

It makes me realise I haven't seen a duel, race, chase or player tower develop spontaneously in an online FPS for some time now. I suppose that's because I am now old and not pubbing nearly as much as I used it, nor playing the right sort of game. As terrible as the general server public often are, they can be capable of wonderful things.

Anyway, Thursday. Almost Friday. Not really near Monday and definitely not Wednesday.

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