Half-Life 2 'Dino D-Day' Mod Packs Nazi Dinosaurs

Video games have already covered hypothetical Nazis dabblings in the occult but how would World War 2 have played out were Hitler fascinated with something far, far older? Download the 438MB Half-Life 2 mod Dino D-Day from FileShack to find out.

Dino D-Day is described as a "prototype" for a planned commercial release on Steam in 2010 so it's not quite fleshed out yet but there are indeed Nazi dinosaurs to hunt.

You will need a game from Valve's Orange Box installed, then developer Digital Ranch Interactive suggests you "Hold it gently, as you woulds't a lover, lying in a field, nestled in the shade of a mighty oak tree. Perhap' you're gently petting, having just enjoyed a hamper of chilled white wine and a selection of continental cheeses. Bon apetit."

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