Xbox Live Indie, 'Space Pirates From Tomorrow' Sports 'Largest Persistent Playable Area' on Xbox 360

The Xbox Live Indie Games Channel, the gateway for small-scale garage developers to showcase and sell their work, is poised to deliver a game that claims to have the "largest persistent playable area of any game on the Xbox 360. Developer MStar Games issued a press-release today announcing Space Pirates From Tomorrow, a 3D space-shooter and trading simulation in the spirit of open-ended classics like Elite and Freelancer.


According to the release, SPFT contains over 6,000 unique star systems to explore, endless trading opportunities, and an "infinite number of missions to undertake." To put things in greater perspective, developer DrMistry explains that "it would take more than 100 hours just to visit every star system in the game." And that's before you even consider trading missions, races, and "general free-for-all combat." Completionists had better pack some sandwiches.

Players start off with a spaceship outfitted with basic weapons, shields, and a hyperdrive, as well as 1,000 credits worth of spending money. Whether or not you end up on the right side of the law, in-league with space pirates, or somewhere in between, depends on the activities you pursue.

Space Pirates From Tomorrow enters its final testing phase on November 16. Priced at only 240 Microsoft Points (a paltry $3), the game will be available via download on the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel "within 3 weeks."