'My Horse & Me' Dev Unveils RTS 'Greed Corp'

Having already announced Greed Corp for PlayStation 3, developer W!Games has now confirmed that its second title is also headed to PC and Xbox 360, with all three versions of the downloadable turn-based strategy game due out in early 2010.

Previously known for its work on equestrian lifestyle title My Horse and Me, W!Games sees Greed Corp as "the first in a series of games" set within its Mistbound property. nope "Mistbound tells stories of a beautiful world once rich in resources and now on the brink of collapse," the studio said of the Industrial Revolution-inspired setting. "The last unspoiled lands are at stake in new conflicts between four factions, while the stripped and barren earth around them slowly succumbs to a thick mist that creeps ever closer..."

A surprisingly cheery trailer full of environmental destruction follows: BOOM video 2916