PlayStation 3 Netflix Streaming Support Arrives

The PlayStation 3 support for streaming Netflix's online library of movies and television shows announced last month is now active, Sony's PlayStation.Blog proclaims.

As well as a subscription to the DVD rental service, viewers will need a free disc--available from Netflix and "on its way" to all who reserved one--to access the service.

A downloadable Netflix application is scheduled for "late next year." Industry analyst Michael Pacther believes the disc solution is necessary due to an exclusivity agreement Netflix holds with Microsoft, whose Xbox 360 has integrated Netflix streaming support.

Pachter also predicted "a similar arrangement will be announced for the Wii in the next 12 months," a move Netflix has often teased through statements and surveys.

The following short launch trailer shows off the Netflix streaming disc in action on a PS3, not to mention a very warm and inviting living room.

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