Contest: Heroes of Newerth Beta Key Giveaway

By Jeff Mattas, Nov 06, 2009 11:40am PST Update: And just like that, we're out of keys!

Today we've got another wave of 500 beta keys to give away for S2 Games' impending Defense of the Ancients-inspired strategy-RPG Heroes of Newerth (PC).

Our last batch of beta keys went faster than hotcakes slathered in maple syrup, so if you're interested in trying the game out, it's best to grab one while our supply lasts.

As before, begin by downloading the trailer from FileShack. Once you click the big orange "Download Now" button, you'll be instantly entered into the beta. The key is then automatically sent to the email account tied to your Shacknews user name, with instructions on signing up and downloading the client also provided in that email.

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  • elow! can you give me a beta key please. i’m begging so much.. i’m craving in playing Heroes of newerth.. I only use the account of my brother but all of a sudden he don’t want me to use it anymore. i’ts been 1 month that i didn’t played heroes of newerth so that’s the reason why i’m craving to play, i cannot find any site that can give me beta key i’m hoping that your site give one. and also i want a private account.. heroes of newerth is an amazing and awesome game comapare to DOTA so please.. grant my request to have a beta key. thanks.

    please send beta key to my account: