Nintendo to Test Offering Demos of WiiWare Games

As part of its coverage of Nintendo's recent earnings call IGN's Wii channel reports that company CEO Satoru Iwata said that a test program offering demos of select WiiWare games would roll out later this month. He made no indication which games would be included in the trial other than to say that it would be a select few. Nor did he indicate whether this was something planned exclusively for Japan or if it would be a global initiative.

While exact sales figures remain unknown, Iwata did explain that they needed to take some action to stimulate growth in the small WiiWare and DSi Ware market. Demos are one potential answer because he feels many current buyers come into the online store already knowing what they want and do not take any time to browse other games.


When unique and interesting games like LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias (pictured) go virtually unnoticed there's clearly a need to better spread the word. Demos could go a long way in that regard but it will likely take more than just putting them up and hoping people find them.