Magic: The Gathering - Tactics Announced

Wizards of the Coast today announced Magic: The Gathering - Tactics, an "online, 3D turn-based strategy game" based on its collectible card game, coming from Sony Online Entertainment Denver--developer of the EverQuest online CCG 'Legends of Norrath.'

Magic: The Gathering - Tactics will hit PC in "early 2010" followed by a PlayStation 3 release. The following 'sizzle' trailer accompanied the announcement. BOOM video 2848

A press release explains that Tactics players will "command forces of dramatic 3D figures and powerful spell cards pulled from the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse," with singleplayer scenarios as well as competitive online multiplayer.

Sounding slightly unsure of itself, it goes on to say the game is "expected to feature regular content expansions, a robust tournament environment, an achievement and rankings program, and original stories of the Planeswalkers of Magic: The Gathering."