Left 4 Dead 2 PC Demo Released

By Nick Breckon, Oct 28, 2009 5:08pm PDT After a one-day delay, the PC demo for Left 4 Dead 2 preorder customers has been released.
The demo offers co-op or LAN players a chance to check out the New Oreleans-centered "Parish" campaign.

The demo will be available for non-preorder PC customers and Xbox Live Gold members on November 3. Last, and most definitely least, Xbox Live Silver members get access on November 10.

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  • Piece of crap
    everything is specular mapped to off the scale .
    models look like crap lots of weapons for no reason .
    melee weapons are useless crap add on .
    this is what happens when you start making PC games for console ports you get over rated crap yesteryear graphics with some bells and whistles and a new game price tag.
    over sized text and UI menu for console retards a few cool tunes to distract you from the lack of any new game play a few monsters that were most likely cut for l4d 1 because they sucked .
    and a host of console fan boys that will shout down anyone who doesn't sing the games praises.
    total fail .

  • This feels different, but in a good way, but this is why i dont get the pre-order people play the demo first.. cause it's just 2 maps, i've just played for 1 night (wasnt even that long) with my friends and i dont have huge interest in playing it soon again, though maybe 1-2x for the dialogue (since was playing with friends and talking on skype, so didnt hear much when the chars where talking)

    About the game though, it feels different then number one, but i like it, already more weapons then in number one, love the new detail and gore with the common infected, and as i was before playing the demo, i really wanna play versus mode to try the new ones out .

    But since the demo comes out sooner for people that have pre-ordered it, my main worry is now not to get bored with single player/co-op before the game comes out

  • overall, the game feels a bit different than the first. a little slower paced, but a constant pace. melee is nice. the models, lighting, sounds, graphics in general, are all better.

    there are so many new weapons, and the demo is just a taste of what the full game will be. it's hard to tell how good or bad the full experience will be. there's just not enough play time in the demo.

    but with the new enemies and weapons, i'm sure there will be so much variance per play-through that i won't be bored for a long time. the versus mode ought to be great, and i can't wait to see what this realism mode is all about.

    all in all, it's panning out to be a worthy purchase.