Zombie Action RPG 'Fort Zombie' Dated, Trailered

Zombie-slaying PC action RPG Fort Zombie will hit "all major digital distribution channels" in time for Halloween on October 30 for $10, developer Kerberos Studios (Sword of the Stars) has announced, releasing a new gameplay trailer in celebration.

Beneath the Audioslave and gibbing lies character progression with skills, stats and all. Survivors out in the city can cover for your inadequacies and help scavenge, though hordes of zombies naturally stand between you in your fortified base and what you need.

BOOM video 2805

The Internet obsession with zombie survival plans is clearly covered, while the following cinematic trailer weighs in on the other favourite zombie talking point--whether they are technically zombies, 'infected,' or hellspawn--and comes to a sensible conclusion.

BOOM video 2780