Contest: League of Legends Beta Key Bonanza

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 20, 2009 11:00am PDT We have 100 League of Legends beta keys up for grabs, offering the chance to play Riot Games' Defense of the Ancient-inspired multiplayer RPG-RTS hybrid ahead of release.

To get your mitts on a key, simply be one of the first 100 people to download this League of Legends Walkthrough from FileShack. If you're in time, the e-mail address attached to your Shack account will be sent a key and instructions on how to sign up.

League of Legends will be released on October 27 in both a free-to-play version with a small selection of characters and a fuller paid version, bolstered by microtransactions.

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  • I have been playing RTS games for all my life including WC3 and later A LOT of DotA. I got my hands on beta keys for both LoL and HoN.

    HoN is much faster paced. You require higher APM to successfully play it and one bad player can be the difference between a win or loss.

    LoL is much less brutal for new players and provides the "fresh: experience. When you play HoN you feel like you are playing a prettier DotA but LoL feels completely different.

    You cant deny the experience your creeps give to the enemy by killing them before they do, you don't have any activated items and death doesn't make you loose gold and there are grass brushes instead of secret paths in the forest which makes it much easier for new players to shake-off heroes chasing them.

    LoL has a much more interesting graphic approach and is not trying to emulate DotA while improving it which seems to be HoN's approach.

    If you are a DotA player HoN is the game for you. If you are a new player LoL might be better suited for you, specially if you are new to RTS and MOBA's in general since the strategy is there without the demanding mechanics.

    Both are great games and if you get the chance I would suggest trying both of them out. And just for the record LoL micro-transactions are only useful to increase the amount of runes, levels and points you get per game and some limited edition skins for your heroes. You will be able to acquire every single rune and hero without spending a single dollar but some skins will only be available for money and most will be limited time offers increasing their epic"nes".

    Right now I'm personally hooked with HoN but I give LoL a spin from time to time.