Wolfenstein PC Demo Released

By Nick Breckon, Oct 14, 2009 11:34am PDT A demo for Raven's shooter Wolfenstein was released today on PC. We're not sure what it contains yet, but Nazis and green-hued supernatural ghosts are a good bet.

Grab the 685MB demo now. The game also just hit Steam, if you deem it worthy of a buy.

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  • Hey guys, I had a lot of fun playing this game. The lighting effects are fantastic and the textures all have a nice grittiness to them. There are hidden items throughout the game that are fun to find, and it's an interesting world to explore. The guns have a punch to them, all have their strengths and weaknesses delineated, and the upgrade feature is a big factor instead of being tacked on. The level design constantly surprised me (mostly due to the cool lighting, which is a result of some new technology they whipped up for the engine, and the shadows in this game are probably the best I've ever seen in a game). Running through and blowing away Nazis with advanced weaponry was very satisfying, and when you're done playing through the first time all the weapons and upgrades are unlocked, so it's fun to go back through on a harder difficulty with the added firepower.

    The character models are a little dated to my eyes, and look to be similar in tech to say, Doom 3, so the mouths don't move too much and the faces are expressionless. The levels require you to run back through parts of some levels, but it's usually worth it because combat is fun, so instead of dreading seeing respawned soldiers you will welcome it and jump right in! The special powers are cool but run out very quickly so you're not an unstoppable God, instead you have to conserve and think on your toes. You won't find enough treasure to upgrade everything, so replaying is probably something you'll want to consider. The boss fights are easy but fun, and the puzzles can hardly be considered puzzles they're so easy, but I think they were designed not to impede the flow of the action, and they give you an excuse to use your powers outside of combat, and because of the neat Vail effect and FOV change, it's always fun to do.

    It's a fun game and worthy of any gamer's catalog. It kind of reminds me, gameplay wise, of F.E.A.R. Running and gunning is the preferred method of play, and it's light-hearted storyline is easy to follow and reminiscent of a Hollywood blockbuster movie, such as Indian Jones, although the lead character is easily forgettable due to his lack of witt or one-liners (or even actions in the cutscenes) that make a character memorable. However I'd love to see a sequel to this game where they delve a little more into personal matters surrounding who he is (and women he picks up, inner thoughts, etc... although how they can do that without making an "Uncharted" clone I'm not sure.)

    Oh yeah, gameplay was about 8 hours or so, but with a couple more runthroughs you can probably squeeze another 4 or 5 out of it if you're bored.