Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Launch Trailer Offers a Different Brand of Modern Warfare

By Nick Breckon, Oct 06, 2009 11:00am PDT Codemasters' Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising launches today, and as such we've got new screenshots and a launch trailer to share.
The military shooter is currently making its way to stores on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As for digital distribution, the PC version can be found on Steam as of today.

Can't wait that long for a taste? Click through to check out the trailer:

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  • Seeing as this title is having a rough start (forums ablaze everywhere). They better consider patching or accept that it is going to flop big time - at least the PC counterpart.

    Immediately after installing I went to check out multiplayer and was pretty irritated that it is P2P only with no dedicated support (later found out there is currently no FUTURE dedicated server planned either). This is a HUGE mistake, PC-Wise, possibly Console-Wise as well. Looking at the server list and seeing crap pings is discouraging as hell.

    Added a few friends in game and was instantly annoyed that when I viewed my friends list, I could not join up where they were playing. Then I was even more annoyed that servers in the list showing up as 12/16 do not actually let you join because it is already in progress. Terrible. The server browser is a complete pile of dung too, it only shows eight servers ? O_o

    The graphics, I definitely found sub-par - not what I was expecting anyways. Reaks of 'Console Port'.

    Oh yeah, this game has terrible copy protection as well. Nothing like taking NO interest in protecting the project hey guys? I mean, make a flop-ass POS with no effective copy protection - it is almost as if they knew it was a steaming pile and they didn't really give two s***s!

    Some games are better off left on the console, and this was one of them - IMO. If you are going bring something to the PC platform, then at least take into consideration your target audience. Don't just port it and say "here ya go kids!"

    No, I'm not raging - just my observation, and I was half-assed expecting this outcome to begin with.

    Just my two-cents.