EyePet Not Hitting North America This Year

"Johnny, we have to talk. I know someone said you'd get a pet this year, but I'm afraid it's just not possible. I don't know how to say this ...it's because you're North American."

"But Billy's getting one this year," he cried. "Billy is European," I responded. nope

As his muffled sobs and sniffles entered the third hour, I couldn't help but begin to blame Destructoid. Yes, the site was only passing along what it had heard from Sony, but ever since the fluffy puppy incident, the promise of a pet that lived inside his PlayStation 3 was all Johnny had. And at that age, next year sounds so very far away.

I tried to console him with a video of others playing with their pets, but it wasn't that same. When I woke up, Johnny was gone, along with his passport and blankey. North America hadn't just lost a holiday release--it'd lost another promising young citizen. BOOM video 2702