Super Street Fighter 4 Trailer Examines New Fighters

By Chris Faylor, Oct 02, 2009 9:10am PDT

The Super Street Fighter IV media train just keeps on chugging, with the most recent Shacknews station stop providing us with a look at T. Hawk and Dee Jay, both of whom are returning from previous entries, and all-new tongue-waggling warrior Juri.

The enhanced re-release of Street Fighter IV hits PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in spring.

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  • I hope they release also on PC.

    The engine is already done. "All" they need to do is add new characters. And if someone is downloading the game to play offline, it is not like Capcom is losing money: Sooner or later, that player will want to play online and will have to buy the game or go play at the arcade. Finally Capcom could take opportunity to get the fan made skins and resell them for consoles. Therefore, while Capcom may not win much out of the PC platform, it may help publicize the game in other platforms.

    PS: We don't need a leader board, just personal stats. Get rid of it... less work for Capcom. People will hack it anyhow.
    PS: my PC user name is "yes4me v2" atm (I don't use the account "yes4me" anymore)