CrimeCraft Receives Unlimited Trial, Lower Fee

Though Vogster's shooter MMO CrimeCraft launched only in August, the developer has already announced a revamp of its subscription model as well as an unlimited free trial.

Arriving later this month, the free trial will offer players "The major features of the game for free for as long as they want," with unspecified 'minor' features disabled. The original $9.99 monthly sub will remain intact, while a new $4.99 subsription band is differentiated by less customisation, skill slots and inventory, and slower XP gain.


Vogster went through "significant staffing changes" following CrimeCraft's launch, whose retail release was exclusive to Best Buy and FutureShop. The smaller "live" team will this month deliver a "major" update including a dynamic in-game newspaper and new PvE mode for the PWNS--Persistent World Network Shooter, acronym addicts.

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