Risen PC Demo Released

By Nick Breckon, Oct 01, 2009 3:00pm PDT The demo for Piranha Bytes's action-RPG Risen is now available. This is the one by the guys that make Gothic. It's coming out tomorrow on PC, but won't make it to the 360 until early 2010.

Grab the 1.10GB demo now on FileShack, and report back with your impressions in the comments below.

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  • So, I guess I'm almost a Piranha Bytes fanboy, though I missed most of the first entry in the series (played it once or twice, but never through). Loved G2 and spend lots and lots and lots of time with it and its addon; I guess I played it through 3-4 times, always different in terms of character development and gameplay. G3 was bad: barely running on my hardware back then, occasionally crashing, but I liked the faction thing and finished the storyline, but then I got the hell outta there.

    First of all, glad the guys put out the demo to try out some hardware issues I was expecting (I'm on an early 2009 macbook pro now, which already makes me worry about playability). But so far, it runs decent (1440x900, medium-high) - will try some more exhaustive settings once I get back to my 24" screen.
    Gameplay is just like Gothic 2, so I'm having a blast. Yes, graphics are not too great: plants look *very* ugly in the distance, animations are far from perfect, and magazines have reported that there's not a lot of variety in character models. But I guess it'll be big on the exploration part, which is just my style. If you don't like wandering around a beautifully handcrafted world full of dungeons and forests and swamps, well... better try something else.