Risen PC Demo Released

By Nick Breckon, Oct 01, 2009 3:00pm PDT The demo for Piranha Bytes's action-RPG Risen is now available. This is the one by the guys that make Gothic. It's coming out tomorrow on PC, but won't make it to the 360 until early 2010.

Grab the 1.10GB demo now on FileShack, and report back with your impressions in the comments below.

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  • No FSAA and no Vysnc in game, nor can they be forced on Nvidia hardware. Can't re-bind the alt key to anything. Minor gripes, but might be worth mentioning for some. Personally, I can't play a game that lacks vsync though; the tearing just bugs the shit out of me.

    The opening area was running smooth though at 60+fps. Q6600, GTX 280, 8gb ddr21066, vista x64.

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    • Had a bit more time to play it now and found that d3doverrider works to get vsync enabled. This really should be a standard feature in modern games imo. Was it the same way with the Gothic games? I've never played any of them but this seems pretty fun so far.

      Graphics are good, some fsaa would be nice but i'm not that picky unless it's absurdly noticeable, which in this game, it is not. The audio is good (pci-e x-fi), though i'm just using some nice sony studio headphones, so no clue on surround support. I really like the music so far too. Performance is stable, all settings at maximum and game runs mostly smooth @ 1920x1200. Some dips into what feel like the 40-50's but generally stays around 60fps mark in most of the places i've visited so far in the opening jungles. Using nvidia 191.03 beta's currently.

      Gameplay wise, comat is easy yet still fun. Controls are standard fare. WASD, Lmouse attack, Rmouse block, timing is key for successful attacking/blocking/parry. You can dbl. tap for a quick side to side or backwards in-combat dodge. Looting is ok, though a light frob box around items would be a bit better than just small floating text. Or maybe just bigger text? Or maybe I need a new prescription... fuck, i'm getting old.

      The UI screens such as inventory and the like are good as well. No "TV friendly" large fonts, needlessly multiple pages or forever scrolling through inventory listboxes. (ala Oblivion/Mass Effect inventories)

      Overall a simple, fun RPG, but it works for me. Looks like a purchase.