200 Game Crazy Stores to Close, Liquidation Sales Begin This Saturday

By Nick Breckon, Sep 30, 2009 12:30pm PDT Movie Gallery has announced that it will soon close around 200 of its 680 Game Crazy retail stores.

In a statement to Joystiq, the company blamed an "unprecedented consumer/retail environment" for the closures.

While the doomed stores have been reportedly been directed to redistribute all systems and many recently-released games to surviving Game Crazy outlets, the rest of the stock will be put up for sale in the following manner:

  • 10/3-10/11: 30% off everything in the store
  • 10/12-10/18: 50% off everything in the store
  • 10/19-Closing: 80% off everything in the store
It is still unknown which specific Game Crazy outlets will close, so consumers are advised to check with their local stores before heading out on a fruitless bargain run.

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  • I'm not so sad about game crazy itself but its will be the lack of competition for Gamestop/EB that concerns me.

    Having said that, I'm finding that Craigslist is a great resource for dirt cheap games as long as you have a little patience. I've put up "wanted" ads and have usually gotten what I asked for within a week at the most and usually for far less than what I would've spent at the aforementioned outlets. For instance I' bought my PS3 for 200 bucks which happened to be a rare 60gb model with the emotion chip and included a copy of COD4. I got GRID for 15 bucks about a month after it came out and other similar values.