Five New Xbox Live Arcade Games Announced: Bomberman, RayStorm, Toy Soldiers and More

To signal the advent of Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft unveiled five previously unknown downloadable Xbox Live Arcade games coming someday to the Xbox 360.
  • Toy Soldiers - Signal Studios
  • Snoopy Flying Ace - Smart Bomb
  • 0 Day Attack on Earth - Square Enix
  • Bomberman Live Battlefest - Hudson
  • RayStorm HD - Taito

No word as to when they'll hit, though a wealth of details and media were provided:

0 Day Attack on Earth (Square Enix) nope

Earth is under attack by massive creatures from outer space. Now you can save Earth with a huge arsenal of heavy-power artillery at your disposal. Climb into your fighter jet and wage fierce battles against these gruesome aggressors. "0 Day Attack on Earth" is an Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive that gives you full range of motion and attack while you engage in airstrikes over real world cities such as Tokyo, New York and Paris. Team up with or battle against players from around the world in online co-op. Only you can save Earth from complete annihilation!

Snoopy Flying Ace (Smart Bomb Interactive / Microsoft) nope

Join the beloved pooch, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang in this fun, action-packed aerial combat game. Choose from one of 16 unique and customizable airplanes, including the Red Baron's Fokker triplane and deck it out from the arsenal of 15 ingenious weapons that suit your strategy for your battle. Even better, your Avatar can climb into the cockpit to take on your friends in a dog eat dog battle. Remember, it's not the size of the dog in the fight... but the size of the fight in the dog!
BOOM video 2637

RayStorm HD (Taito) nope

The classic shooting game "RayStorm" returns with newly-updated graphics, and the original gameplay. Now you can control R-GRAY a fighter plane equipped with a lock-on laser system and battle your way through eight adrenaline filled stages. Available now with a variety of game modes, including Arcade Mode and Extra Mode, and four selectable planes!

Bomberman Live Battlefest (Hudson)

The Bomberman battle mode you know and love is returning to Xbox LIVE Arcade in the form of "Bomberman Live: Battlefest!" Blast friends in your living room or jump online and compete against up to 8 people worldwide! You no longer have to bomb solo, because now there are teams, along with a megaton of new content!

Toy Soldiers (Signal Studios / Microsoft) nope

Put your foot soldiers, snipers, cavalry and fighter pilots to the test. Poised to be a smash hit on Xbox LIVE Arcade, "Toy Soldiers" is a an action-packed strategy-based game in which players are cast into a fantastic, miniature world where antique toy soldiers fight for survival using an extensive arsenal of tanks, fighter planes and flame throwers in vintage WWI dioramas. Developed by Signal Studios exclusively for Xbox 360, now you can commandeer the action and watch as your assembled troops defend the area battlefield before the enemy storms over the top! Integrating multiple game genres and world-class visuals, "Toy Soldiers" is a unique and action-packed entertainment experience!
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