Grand Theft Auto 4 'Gay Tony' Trailer: Meet Yusuf

By Chris Faylor, Sep 24, 2009 9:14am PDT The latest trailer for "The Ballad of Gay Tony," Rockstar's second and final Xbox 360-exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV add-on, introduces us to Yusuf Amir.

Coming October 29, the expansion will be available as a $20 download for Grand Theft Auto IV owners, and as part of the $40 standalone "Episodes from Liberty City" disc.

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  • This looks to have really high production values. To bad I've given up on GTA4, i never finished it, when i felt it was more of an chore then an game where you have fun, I just couldn't take it anymore.
    I was going about doing some side missions, poeple kept calling met me here meet me there all over the fucking map impossible to go there in time, then you had to keep track of dates etc, they could expire in the middle of a missions etc. fuck that shit. I should not have to micro manage my time in a fucking game, a simple mechanics to do/meet people when YOU want is all I ask.