Resident Evil 5 Director's Cut in the Works, Features 'Some Good Scenes'

Resident Evil 5 voice actress and Power Rangers veteran Patricia Ja Lee has revealed that a director's cut of Resident Evil 5 is on the way, though few other details are known. nope "I did a voiceover last week for the director's cut that's coming out for Resident Evil 5," she said in a video interview noticed by NeoGAF. "I guess it's obvious at this point that it's going to be, at least, somewhat involving Jill Valentine. I look forward to it, it's some good scenes. You should look forward to it too. Some good scenes."

With the Tokyo Game Show set to kick off tonight, it's possible we'll see more news on this director's cut--be it a re-release or a downloadable add-on--in the coming days.