Forza 3 Trailer Asks 'Can You Believe That'

By Chris Faylor, Sep 18, 2009 8:39am PDT "They've modeled lugnuts," custom car designer and Forza series consultant RJ De Vera says of Turn 10's attention to detail in Forza Motorsport 3. "Can you believe that?"

The Xbox 360-exclusive racer hits Europe on October 23 and North America come October 27, with a one-track downloadable demo due out Thursday, September 24.

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  • I got a chance to play this for a little bit, and it was pretty solid. The controls are still as touchy as before, but it seemed like it was a little easier to recover from a turn taken too hard. The sound is pretty impressive. And the attention to detail is insane. They had a panoramic set-up with a Ricaro seat, wheel and pedals, three 32 inch (give or take) LCDs, the whole enchilada. When they did the fly-by before the start of the race (on the panoramic set-up), there wasn't a single thing to pick out that was wrong with the modeling, no jaggies, nothing. It was damn impressive. And I'm a hard core GT fan. This might turn me around, I dunno'.