Sony Touts PS3 Pizza Ordering Service

Scarily determined to live up to the PlayStation 3's new "It Only Does Everything" slogan, Sony is touting the ability to order Papa John's pizza direct from the console, complete with a dedicated Papa John's button on the system's internet browser homepage.

"Hungry? Need something to eat?" asks a mass mailing to members of the PlayStation Network, explaining that at long last "you can jump over to your PlayStation 3 browser between epic battles and high-speed races to get a hot delicious pizza delivered to your door... all this while never having to leave the comfort of your PS3 system."


Sony's MMORPG EverQuest 2 infamously added the command /pizza to launch a browser window for Pizza Hut's online ordering. Allegiances have apparently shifted.

This addition might shake up the results of recent studies which found that gamers are not fat, but sad, and that casual gaming can help beat snack cravings.