Rogue Trooper Invading North American Wiis

Graffiti Entertainment will be bringing the Wii version of Rebellion's shooter Rogue Trooper to North American Wiis before the year's end, the publisher announced today.

Based on the sci-fi strip from British comic 2000 AD, Rogue Trooper was a solid third-person tactical shooter mostly overlooked upon its initial release for PC, Xbox and PS2 in 2006. The Wii version hit Europe in February, ported by Reef Entertainment.


Gameplay mixed stealth and action with a pre-Gears of War cover system and such gadgets as a remote gun, holo-decoy and mines, plus pretty fun on-rails sequences.

Interestingly the only pick-up is salvage, used to create all of Rogue's ammo, medkits and upgrades for his rifle. Click on for a trailer showing the GI in action.

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