Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Gets Release Date, New Castlevania Coming to WiiWare

Nintendo has announced its holiday lineup, giving a release date to the DS's Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and confirming that a new Castlevania title will be hitting Wii soon.

Spirit Tracks will be hitting the DS on December 7, with trains and a controllable companion character added to the usual fine mix of adventure, puzzles and combat.


First revealed by ESRB listings and dated for the third fiscal quarter--October to December--Konami's Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth presumably follows the path of its Contra and Gradius WiiWare 'Rebirth' releases--new titles faithful to the old style.

Retro fans might also enjoy the news that WayForward's platformer series Shantae will receive a new instalment named Risky's Revenge on DSiWare, also in the third quarter.