Demon's Souls Trailer Promises 'Visceral Action'

by Nick Breckon, Sep 09, 2009 5:02pm PDT
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It's so easy to poke fun at a video labeled the "visceral action trailer" that Atlus PR, the helpful folks that they are, did it for us.

"Wow," exclaimed Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Atlus, pausing for a brief moment to catch his breath and wipe his brow before continuing. "That was a rousing trailer; it really got me excited for Demon's Souls. Not only is there a ton of praise from respected folks in the industry, but there are also numerous new clips of sweeping in-game cinematics, visceral combat, and atmospheric exploration gameplay footage. I'd go so far as to say it's a 'must-see' video, although I should add that I'm being paid to say so."


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  • I have this game. There are three versions currently out: Japan, Asia and Korea. Asia and Korea version have full english, Jap has english text with Jap voiceovers.


    I have logged about 50 hours in this game so far, have leveled up to around soul level 80 and I have to say that this game is the best game I have played on the PS3. A lot of people are saying it is like a combination of Oblivion and Diablo, and I agree to a limited extent. The combat in this game is just sooooooo much bettter than Oblivion though that it doesn't even begin to comapre.

    As far as the difficulty, the first few levels are hard but once you begin to level up it gets a lot easier and you begin to get a real "I am such a bad-ass! Cower before me you inhuman scum!" after w ahile. Then of course you will make a stupid mistake and die which is really easy to do in this game.

    For instance, once you start the game and go through the tutorial, you can only visit the first stage of world 1. Until you beat this stage, you can't level up. It took me aroud 30 deaths before I finally beat the first demon (Phalanx). YOU WILL die a lot in this game. Honestly though, you will die a lot on purpose too (when you are grinding for souls which in this game are treated as both XP and money). Dieing isn't really that bad though. As long as you make it back to where you died you get the souls you had collected up until that point back and you never lose equipment.

    Combat is physics based and plays more like a fighting game than a RPG. Combat is what this game is all about. As I said before, the combat in this game is what oblivion's combat should have been. Typical encounter:

    Enter level 4-1. Dark gothic typse setting. As you enter the level you see a few blood stains (from other players who have died there) on the ground up ahead near a pile of bones..... as you approach the pile of bones gathers together and become a 8 ft tall skeleton weilding a sword. He rolls at you in a crouch and you dive out of the way. Before he recovers you bash him with your shield and stun him. Then run around behind his back and go for a critical backstab. He collapses in a pile of bones and drops a "splinter of bladestone" (used to upgrade weapons). Cool. That was easy. I will see whats around the next corner..... What's around the next corner? Another skeleton, and an archer skeleton up at the top of some steps.... Play it safe and pull them out one at a time or CHARGE!!! CHARGE!!!!! Oooops.... after dispatching the archer with a couple of quick blows you agro two more skeletons farther up the staris and then you have three snarling bundles of baldes at your throat. Die a horrible death. Respawn and try again. Eventually you figure out how the level needs to be played and you learn how to stay alive. You will die a lot though. After a certain point you will know the level so well you can literally run through it like a killing machine on speed and it is one of the best gaming experiences I have ever felt.


    There are tons of weapons (check out the wikidot) Want to play as a backstabbing thief? There are probably 20 different types of daggers... many upgradable with multiple upgrade paths. Swords? How about Long, Short, Rapiers, Greatswords, Asian swords or many types. Tons of swords. As with the daggers, most are upgradable.... you know that "Splinter of Bladestone" you picked up off that skeleton kill? get three more and you vist the blacksmith and can upgrade using them. There are so many weapons and so many ways to use them in this game that you will be amazed.


    Not as much variety as the weapons but they look so cool that you won't want to change you set after you have it!

    Here are some useful links:

    Check out the wikidot at:

    Here is a pretty active froum that is filled with mostly people who have the game:

    Finally, since the game is in full english there are several reviews out for it already, check out the Metacritic page for some more indepth reviews:'s souls

    DON'T LET THE SUPPOSED "NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY" LEVEL PUT YOU OFF!!! This game is old school. It doesn't want to hold you hand and make nice with you. It wants to tear your face off and it will at first.... but after a while when you get more powerful it makes it that much more satisfying to go kick some ass yourself!